BRICKED: online

“And further by contemplating these forms
In the relations which they bear to man
We shall discover what a power is theirs
To stimulate our minds, and multiply
The spiritual presences of absent things.”
-William Wordsworth, ‘Not Useless do I deem’

BRICKED is now online!

In the coming months, BRICKED will aim to investigate the unknown corners of the arts and humanities, delicately pulling threads from the frayed fabric of civilization (or, perhaps, the lack thereof).

We will aim to bring you reviews of colossally relevant literature, music and film, introducing both ourselves and your selves to the great unknown.

Come January, BRICKED will also run a weekly radio show where we plan to bring you an interesting and cohesive playlist of experimental and deeply intimate music. The track listing and more information about the weekly shows will also be posted here.

We also intend to bring you selected and interesting news stories relevant to the content of the site.

We would be honoured to receive your support across social media, and we look forward to bringing you with us in our exploration of music and arts.

Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Mixcloud to keep the machine running!


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