Bricked is a magazine made up of the art and poetry put forward by its willing contributors. Although fragmented and plural in perspective, each submission has been built into a room, making each copy a house. Every stage is an organ of a larger, balanced whole. Reading is a process of mutual digestion. Inspired by the mystic work of William Blake, BRICKED orients itself around combining word and image in order to create a more full reading experience.

The contributor list (in alphabetical order) for the first issue of BRICKED Zine features: Kia Yee Ang, Tobias Gumbrill, Jessica Kashdan Brown, Ella Krill, Oscar Lockey, Peter Page, Willow Orton, William Osborne, Harry Salisbury and Ellison Skinner.

This magazine was printed in Millburn House, Warwick University. The cover and in-paper were made using 100% recycled card. Each copy is hand bound using waxed brown leather thread. Each copy has been hand-cut, folded and bound by the editor.


Available on Etsy

* 25 Pages softcover
* 148mm × 210mm (A5 size)
* Color / Print on Demand
* Ltd. 50 Copies only

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